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China's diamond industry has developed vigorously and formed a complete industrial system with unique characteristics. However, there is still a certain gap between the quality level of diamond and its products in China and that of developed countries. At present, the production of synthetic diamond single crystals will further develop towards large-scale and intensive. Diamond industry belongs to high-tech industry, the knowledge level of employees will be greatly improved, and more high-intelligence talents will join. All kinds of diamond products will be developed to high-grade to meet the increasing demand for high-precision processing of stone. For this reason, as a diamond tool manufacturer, it is necessary to master the latest production technology and technology to adapt to this development trend. In view of this situation, many experts and scholars in the industry of Overseas Chinese University have established the Institute of Super Hard Tools of Overseas Chinese University on the basis of mastering advanced technology at home and abroad, which is Huada Super Hard Material Tools Co., Ltd. Provides strong technical support and quality assurance. Huada Super Hard Material Tools Co., Ltd. is based on the Super Hard Tools Research Institute of Overseas Chinese University. It has a group of professors, Ph.D., senior engineers and other expert-level technology research and development (more than 20 people) and production management team. It has a strong competitive advantage in the diamond tool industry and stone machinery industry at home and abroad.

The mission of Huada's Technology Department is from the testing of raw materials to the completion of users'use. The breadth and arduousness of this requirement is a formidable challenge for the technology development and control department and even for a company. In China, this is exactly what Huada is facing and doing, and it has been cutting stones for many years. One of the greatest achievements in the field. Huada is a manufacturer of advanced diamond tools and stone mining machinery in China. It mainly provides diamond tools (stone cutting, grinding, polishing tools, etc.) and mining machinery (rope saw, drilling machine, jacking machine, etc.) on the market. The supply of these products is based on different specifications and configurations.

Huada's goal is to "meet all the requirements of customers and be the strongest person in China in the field of wire saw machinery in mines!"

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