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Huada Superabrasive Tool Technology Co.,Ltd.,owns excellent R&D team and Production Managing team,specialising in diamond tools and stone quarry equipment industry 

Our engineers compose of Doctors, Professors and Specialists, who have been long dedicated to developing top quality diamond tools and machines, applying Huada an International Brand Image.

Huada specializes in producing all assorted of Quarrying Machines, including various of Wire Saw Machine, series of Multifunctional Drilling Machine especially Multifunctional Rock Driller Machine,Horizontal Core-boring Machine and etc.

Take Wire Saw Machine as an example, with a huge sum of investment and strict quality inspection, after tested in the quarries again and again, our Wire Saw Machine has realized quarry automatically (included adjusting linear speed and controlling track automatically), which has been exported to Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, South Africa, Iran etc.

Our company also can offer a complete set of quarry service, which enable us to be appointed supplier by lots of world famous stone company both in China and abroad.

Our company also manufacture all kinds of diamond tools, which are including diamond blades, segments, especially gangsaw and multi-blade segments, grinding blocks, cup wheel, diamond wire saw for quarry and workshop, etc. We offer the excellent Diamond Wire Saw to all over the world.

We highly value our prestige and firmly adhere our philosophy-“Credit Standing Uppermost, Quality First and Service First”, we’ll keep it forever.

Thanks for taking Huada Tools & Machines into your consideration.

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